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The R-Evolution of Steel rocks Hamburg V

The R-Evolution of Steel rocks Hamburg V Venue: Bambi galore, Hamburg Date: March 29th, 2019 One week after the Metal Over Malta Festival I was once again on my way in terms of hard rock / heavy metal. The R-Evolution Of Steel Tour, organized by Poser667 Productions, stopped at Hamburg's Bambi galore, a

Preview of the Metal Queen’s Burning Night 2019

Preview of the Metal Queen's Burning Night 2019 There are many festivals. Also, Festival of metal bands with female singers are not rare. But festivals with free entry are rather unusual. Thus, the Metal Queen Burning Night Festival in the Italian region of Piedmont, north of Turin, probably has a unique

Out of the Shadoes ASENBLUT

Out of the Shadoes ASENBLUT By Moon Shadoe The first incarnation of Asenblut occurred when Tetzel, Jan and Schlecki founded the group in 2006. Due to educational commitments the group had to be put on hold. In 2008, Tetzel resurrected the project with Claus Cleinkrieg. Asenblut released their demo entitled 'Kampfruf’ in 2008. They

Pre-Order CDs: The Sign of Faith and Sputnik by IGNEA

Pre-Order CDs: The Sign of Faith and Sputnik by IGNEA We are glad to announce the pre-order for both albums — "Sputnik” EP“ and "The Sign of Faith” LP: https://ignea.band/shop. Both were sold out before, but we have decided to print them again, based on your multiple requests. Now you can


NEW EDENBRIDGE ALBUM "DYNAMIND" Press release from Edenbridge (Austria) EDENBRIDGE will release their new, 10th studio album "DYNAMIND" in 2019 and are currently inmidst the recordings. Lanvall: "The whole songwriting process for the new album took around 18 months and I soon realized, that we could bring the band sound to a new

Biography Of None To No One

Biography Of None To No One Elias (Eli) Broeker - Guitarist (Custom 4 x 10 celestian speaker cabinet, EVH 5150 III lbxII, Jackson Dinky Js22 and LTD Mh100qm guitars, nux b-2 Wireless system) Nolan Capps - Bassist (Fender precision bass, Fender Jaguar bass, Fender Rumble 100w amp, Ernie Ball ball strings) Ethan Jimenez

Sirenia come to Hamburg

Sirenia come to Hamburg By Rainer Kerber There are many symphonic metal bands, they are among the oldest, Sirenia from Norway. After five years with Tristania Morten Veland left the band because of artistic differences. Shortly after the birth of Sirenia suggested. Since then there have been many line-up changes, especially at

Metalheads Forever’s Top 50 Albums of 2018

Metalheads Forever’s Top 50 Albums of 2018 By Adam McCann   Well, it’s been one hell of a great year for metal; there’s been some utterly fantastic albums released, so much so that this list started as at Top 10, moved its way to a Top 20, Top 30 and finally at Top

Claymorean – Out Of The Shadoes

Out Of The Shadoes Claymorean By Shadoe Moon This month we travel to Eastern Europe and land in the country of Serbia. A land rich in history, legends and yes, heavy metal. We make our way to  Lazarevac which is a municipality of the capital Belgrade. Here we find a female fronted

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